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Roof tile

Respectful of a long tradition of coverage, the roof tile "canal" (bootleg) blends harmoniously into the landscape. Thanks to a sophisticated and accomplished production , the roof tile "canal" signed Tuilerie LAMBERT offers a high quality product. Its smooth surface and round edges give the roof an authentic, old-fashioned aesthetic.


The roof tile "canal" is available in 2 lengths: 40 or 48 cm

We have developed a system to obtain rounded edges on each side, removing the bright and sharp edges.


The installing of cap and pan tiles:

Conical shape, the curved tiles (caps) lock themselves by sliding.

Our canal tile by design, lays in a hat, not running.

For waterproofing, the overlap between two tiles must be between 14 and 17 cm, depending on the slope and exposure.

Traditionally installed on roof battens, the tile "canal" have evolved to adapt to the modern installation : they now have a tenon to hang onto the battens, and avoid slipping..

Some models of the roof tiles "canal" are available with concealed locking systems to ensure optimal support on the roof (Canal à crochet country tile, Fixocanal, Bifix).
These solutions create the advantage of a ligher rooftop, while ensuring investment in natural and sustainable materials (wood + clay).

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Our strong points !

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Tile Features

Canal 0.40m

Length : 400 mm
Width big end : 180 mm
Width small end : 146 mm
Unit weight : 1,879 kg
Pallet weight : 1,184 t.
Quantity per pallet : 630
Number per m2 : 17,5

Canal 0.48m

Length : 480 mm
Width big end : 177 mm
Width small end : 145 mm
Unit weight : 2,195 kg
Pallet weight : 1,438 t.
Quantity per pallet : 655
Number per m2 : 15

Indicative value (+ or - 2mm)

For any specific color, a mandatory production constraint will be put in place.

Attention, thank you for contacting us.

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Our Colors for the Canal Tile

Our tiles have been subjected to the frost resistance test under the conditions provided for in accordance with the Single European Method of Standard NF EN 539-2 – July 2013

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